17 Powerful Reasons To Pray

Prayer is vital part of the life of every Christian and the Church of God in general. It is a powerful means by which we communicate with God. Below are some good reasons to pray or if you are not used to a life of prayer, to get motivated and start praying for yourself and loved ones.

17. Change Situations
Prayer helps you to reverse situations. Prayer can turn back any evil that is resulted from your actions and inactions outside God’s plans.

16. God’s will
Prayer helps you to know God’s will for your life. It helps you to know His intents and purposes.

15. Intercession
Prayer helps you to intercede for others. It helps you to stand in the gap for your families, friends and the world.

14. Hope and Assurance
Prayer helps you to find rest, hope and assurance for obstacles you may have to face.

13. Subduing the flesh
Prayer is a powerful means to help you subdue the flesh and other worldly lust.

12. Stirring up the Holy Spirit
Prayer is a sure means of stirring up the Holy Spirit in your life.

11. Strength for the Christian journey
Prayer helps you stay on the course of your Christian journey.

10. Overcoming the powers of darkness
Prayer is a great weapon for overcoming the powers of darkness. Jesus healed many people who were possessed by demons through prayer.

9. God’s lead
You become more sensitive to God’s leading when you pray.

8. Healing
Prayer can bring you both physical and spiritual healing.

7. Peace of Mind
When you pray often, you become more calm and enjoy peace of mind even in the midst of trials.

6. Boldness
You grow in the virtue of courage and become bold the more you make daily prayer part of your daily habits.

5. Temptation Repellent
Prayer is a powerful weapon to keep you away from temptations of all kinds.

4. Protection
Like little children under the protection of their loving parents, whenever you pray, you go under the protection of God your loving Father who is in Heaven.

3. Trust
Praying is a strong demonstration of trust. You pray because you trust the One you pray to, God the Almighty Father.

2. Humility
Prayer requires humility, a lot of humility. Any time you go before God in prayer, you exercise the virtue of humility.

1. To be like Jesus
You pray to become more like Jesus Christ who began and ended everything He did with prayer.

By Godwin Delali Adadzie, Angela Alu and Jennifer Owusu