A Common Sense Challenge to Lesbians and Gays

Behold a Freethinker’s response to the lesbian and gay union noises.

The Mathematics of Procreation in both Heterosexual and Homosexual couples:

GADEL’s Common Sense Procreation Formula: x + y = z

Considering the variables:
x as male
y as female.
z as fetus developing into a child.

Assuming that x and y are capable of producing healthy semen and ova.

Now placing these variables into the formula, let’s see what happens to both types of couples.

For Heterosexual intercourse:

real marriage

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x + y = z

Applying the Commutative Law

y + x = z

In other words, Heterosexual couples are likely to produce fetus (z) given that they have sexual union (x + y ). Doubt this? Well, how were you produced?

For Homosexual intercourse:

gay marriage

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lesbian marriage

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x + x ≠ z

y + y ≠ z

In plain language, Homosexual couples WOULD NEVER produce fetus (z) regardless of the number of sexual unions (y + y or x + x) they can have.


I challenge the entire lesbian and gay community to gather themselves in a town exclusive to their mutual masturbation and see whether in 100 years they would not be in extinction.

Man has often lost his way, but modern man has lost his address” Gilbert K. Chesterton

I’ll like to add a word or two to Mr. Chesterton’s observation. Man has not just lost his address but much worst, man and woman have lost their identity. They have lost how to have sex and whom to have it with.  Concerning how to have sex, men are turning to fellow men for sexual pleasures and sadly women (who suppose to KNOW BETTER) are equally following this trend. It’s a BIG SHAME to both REASON and CONSCIENCE of humanity! We have to get back to the real pussies (cats) and bitches (dogs) to learn how to have sex. Below are some COMMON SENSE reminders to all those who have forgotten how to use their brains when it comes to sex (not oral or anal) and who to have it with.

Male and female cats teaching man about sex:

cats having sex

Male and female dogs reminding humanity about sex:

dogs having sex