The Gospel from The Stripper Pole?

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STRIPPER Street Ministry shirts

Above is the Street Ministry shirts which are really beautiful if you see them within the context of evangelism.

LaTascha Emanuel - Gospel from The Stripper Pole

There is a viral video (FEMALE PREACHER Who Preaches With Her TIDDAYS OUT) spreading on social media about a female Preacher, Minister LaTascha Emanuel where she says she is preaching from “the Stripper’s pole.”

The Gospel from the Strippers Pole

LaTascha Emanuel Ministries

LaTascha’s official YouTube page seems to be terminated for now. On one part she seems to be good at preaching, on the other part her body is preaching another thing altogether. I wonder what her congregation would be focusing on whether her bodily appearances or the Word.

Who is LaTascha Emanuel?

LaTascha Emanuel says “My greatest ministry is being a wife and mother; both are extremely challenging however the rewards run deep.”

According to her Facebook, that is why a majority of her ministry is dedicated to women and children. She believes that the world has enough life coaches and not enough people whose “life coaches.”

She serves as an associate Minister at Perfecting the Saints Family Worship Center under the teaching of Pastors Marion and Bea Wade. She is the youngest daughter of Patricia Broxton-Peterkin and Odell Bradley. She was raised in Panama City, FL however curiosity found her in Savannah, GA shortly after graduating high school working full time NOT doing the will of God. It was only when she was lead to Fayetteville, NC where she knew a higher power than what she could fathom was at work. It was here where she had her daughter, was saved by grace, got married, found Honorable Helpmate her wedding coordinating business, became a licensed Minister/Evangelist, started her street ministry and is in the process of opening A.A.W.G a center for women. Her heart is for the hurt, oppressed, depressed and bound but she has a special place in her heart for women and children and vows to go anywhere God calls her. She is on fire for the lord and not ashamed, she is “Radical with Results” She is LaTascha Emanuel!

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