Interested in: Men and women


A lot of us join The Facebook now Facebook to network and make friends. Most of us don’t have the Western mentality because we are not from the West anyway. Our cultures are diverse. In most traditional African and Asian countries two males holding hands does not imply they are homosexuals or have homosexual agenda. It is a normal bonding way of relating to one another. Also over here in Africa when an elder is talking to you it is disrespectful to look into their eyes what is called EYE CONTACT in the West. In the West communicating without eye contact is interpreted as you not being genuine and honest contrary to us here in Africa. Now back to Facebook. Many of us who are not from the west probably selected “Interested in: Men and women” at the Basic Information section of the About section of our Facebook profile. Someone just interpreted that as being “interested in the same sex” in other words homosexual. I FIND THAT QUITE INTERESTING.