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Hi there! I am Godwin Delali Adadzie a.k.a. GADEL. I am an Ewe and I live in Tema, Ghana. I am a Web Developer and Content Creator. I also blog often.

I attended Chemu Secondary School in Community 4, Tema. I did Science there. During my school days Biology was my favourite course. I still love it. I was quite good in Physics too. In the University however, I didn’t do anything related to Biology. I studied Information Technology at the Methodist University College in Dansoman. I have a BSc I.T.

What are your favourite Ghanaian meals?

It’s a shame I like rice more than any local dish. I prefer jollow rice to fried rice.

What are your favourite Ghanaian drinks?

I like Sobolo (Bissap juice). I think it is nutritious.

What are your favourite Ghanaian books?

I like The Marriage of Anansewa by the late Efua Sutherland.

What are your favourite Ghanaian music?

I like some highlife. I know I sound old school lol.

What are your favourite Ghanaian movies?

I have forgotten the title. However any movie with David Dontoh is good for me.

What are your favourite Ghanaian soccer teams and club?

My favourite team of course is the Black Stars (Ghanaian National Male Soccer team). Although I live in Tema, I don’t really support Tema Youth club. I’ll go for Asante Kotoko. Yes, some Ewes still support Kotoko

What are your favourite Ghanaian websites?

My favourite Ghanain website was a blog by a Nigerian living in Ghana called Oluniyi D. Ajao. It seems he has stopped blogging.

What are your favourite Ghanaian radio stations?

I usually don’t listen to the radio often, however, I would give it to Joy FM 99.7

What are your favourite Ghanaian television stations?

It was formally TV3. I think I don’t have a current favourite anymore. I like watching programmes on ETV Ghana and Viasat1 these days.

Are you happy to be a Ghanaian?

I have too.

How do you see Ghana in the future?

Well, hopefully if the corruption galore stops, Ghana would be THE BLACK STAR that Kwame Nkrumah hoped for.

Your message to Ghanaians?

Let’s keep Ghana clean. Let’s make Ghana a better place for ourselves and the next generation.

How can you be reached online?

You can follow me on Twitter @Apologetics and I am also on Facebook.

Most people know me for my work Let’s talk about the Rosary.

I contribute at Ignitum Today and Catholic Stand.

REMEMBER THIS SOUL: Saints think they are sinners. Sinners think they are saints.
Feel free to contact me at: info@gadel.info

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