Ave Maria Sang by Muslim Woman in a Church in Indonesia

This is a moving tribute of a Muslim woman to her Catholic friend whose’s funeral Mass she was permitted to sing the Ave Maria in Indonesia.

The post by Facebook user Budi Soehardi explains that a friend had seen the woman in the video singing at the funeral service for her best friend, Chatarina Suyanti. “That (Monday) morning, I attended the requiem mass at the Bogor Cathedral Church. As a last honor (before they closed the casket), the song ‘Ave Maria’ was sung by a female soloist wearing a hijab with a tremendous feeling of appreciation. That is the beauty of friendship that doesn’t focus on the differences.”

Budi’s post quickly went viral and has been shared over 10,000 times. A tweet by Twitter user Rexy Ambarwati featuring a different video of the performance also got shared several thousand times.

Clearly, Chatarina Suyanti had many people in her life who loved her greatly and wanted to say goodbye to her in a special way (this post contains a longer version of the first video):

Credit: Coconuts Jakarta

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