I Am – Poem

I Am

I am an Artist
A Poet
A Prodigal Preacher
A Wanderer
A Pilgrim
I am a Truth Seeker

A Hopeful Romantic
A Lover
A Fool
Ever toeing the line between Foolish and Cool

A Teller of Tales
(Of words, not of whales)
A Laugher
A Cryer
A Shooting Star Spyer

I am a Daydreamer
Of worlds far away
And I am not ashamed
For God made me this way:

A Learner
A Yearner
I am a Page-Turner
A Man Set Apart
A Live Work of Art

I am seeking God’s Heart for my own

I am simply a Man
Just God’s Own creation
No gift can I bring
But Imagination

And yet this could prove just as useful a tool
For the King of Kings may have use for a Fool

By Terence Siren