Miraculous Photos of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A collection of some miraculous photographs of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Well, as Saint Augustine of Hippo says, “Unless you believe, you will not understand.”

Marian Apparition in Egypt



These are some of the photographic evidence that actually shows the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is one of the many apparitions that was seen in 1968, when the Blessed Mother appeared atop a Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mary in the town of Zeitoun, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt.

The apparition was first seen by two Muslim car mechanics who thought it was a young woman about to commit suicide. The apparitions often lasting throughout the night, were photographed, televised and witnessed by millions including the president of Egypt, Abdul Nasser. This apparition lasted for 2 years.

Marian Apparition in Hungary


This is a photo of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was taken on September 3, 1989 when an art restorer asked someone to take a picture of him on the scaffolding as he was working on a painting behind the altar. When he turned around, he saw the glowing figures of what looked like the Blessed Mother and a small child. The photographer did not see this vision, yet it appeared in the resulting photograph.

Marian Apparition in France


This photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary was taken by Mr. Fausto Federici in September 25, 2001 at Lourdes at the same place where Our Lady appeared to St. Bernadette.

Marian Apparition in Bosnia and Herzegovina


This photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary is believed to be an actual snapshot of Mary taken by a priest visiting Medjugorje.