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Is one religion as good as another?

But our intentions at least are all good. We are all striving for the one end. The Jews could have made a similar remark to Christ when He tried to convert them to Christianity. If we are Christians, we must deny that good intentions

Is Reincarnation Fact or Fiction?

Are there any grounds for believing in the theory of Reincarnation? One can see how men came to fall back upon that theory for the solution of a problem for which they could find no alternative explanation. The theory is based on the existence

Matt Slick and Mark Bonocore Catholic Discussion

In these twelve exchanges hosted by Christian Apologetics Research Ministry’s “Faith and Reason” Web Radio broadcast, Catholic Apologist, Mark Bonocore, and Calvinist Apologist, Matt Slick, discuss the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Topics include Ecclesiology, the Canon of Scripture, Tradition, the Papacy, Mary, Predestination,

Is the Pope the Antichrist?

It is no longer news to hear certain Christians tagging the Catholic Pope as the Antichrist and man of sin of the Sacred Scriptures. Over here, we shall examine what the Bible really says about the highly controversial and often misrepresented issue of the