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Interview with Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong

Who is Dave Armstrong? Catholic, Catholic apologist, author, family man, and fun-loving guy! What were your experiences as a Campus missionary? I shared the gospel (as an evangelical Protestant) and tried to demonstrate that Christianity was compatible with reason. I didn’t seem to accomplish

Interview with Catholic Blogger Brandon Vogt

Who is Brandon Vogt? I’m a 27-year old Catholic, husband, father, author, blogger, speaker, and mechanical engineer–in that order. I’ve written a couple books including The Church and New Media (Our Sunday Visitor, 2011) and the Study Guide for Fr. Robert Barron’s forthcoming film, CATHOLICISM: The

Interview with Psychologist Dr. Belinda Walker

Who is Dr. Belinda Walker? I’m a wife, mother of two teenagers, and a school psychologist in private practice for the last 20 years. How would you explain Psychology to a lay person? Psychology is actually an extremely broad term but for my practice

7 Quick Takes: Virgin Mary Edition.

This is my first attempt at the 7 Quick Takes that is hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary. I called this the Virgin Mary Edition. “Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin Mary too much. You can never love her more than