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Interview with Josephine Amoako

Can you introduce yourself? I am Josephine Amoako, a final year student at the University of Ghana, a blogger and an aspiring scriptwriter. Who is God to you? God is my everything – the sole reason for my existence; He’s… Continue Reading →

Interview with Culture of Life Africa’s Obianuju Ekeocha

Who is Obianuju Ekeocha? Obianuju Ekeocha is a Nigerian woman and who has for the past seven years been living and working in the United Kingdom as a Biomedical Scientist. She also has written many articles including “Open Letter to… Continue Reading →

Christians & Masturbation: The Bible Alone Problem

I stumbled upon Evangelical blogger and author Rachel Held Evans’ blog post entitled Christians & Masturbation: Seven Perspectives, and I thought it would be great to respond to some of the views raised by the various contributors of that interesting post…. Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit to teach us all truth?

Did not Christ promise that He would send the Holy Spirit to teach us all truth? He did not promise that the Holy Spirit would teach each individual separately. If every individual were under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,… Continue Reading →

God has given us brains to think for ourselves

God has given us brains to think for ourselves. We do not need Help to understand Scripture. God had given men brains before He came to teach them Himself, and He came to teach them precisely because their brains could… Continue Reading →

Living a life as a Christian in poverty

Sébastien-Roch Nicholas de Chamfort once said, “Society comprises two classes: those who have more food than appetite, and those who have more appetite than food.” I believe from experience and observation that poverty is hunger accompanied with inadequate treated water… Continue Reading →

Prayer for Atheists and Infidels

ETERNAL GOD, the Maker of all things, remember that the souls of unbelievers have been created by Thee, and that they have been made after thy own image and likeness. Behold, O LORD, to thy dishonour, with these very souls… Continue Reading →

Why Christmas? Biblical root of Christmas

Well, Christmas is all about the prophesied Messiah in the person of Christ Jesus as foretold by the great prophet Isaiah in the days of old. The key verse for the reason for the Christmas season is found in Isaiah… Continue Reading →

Would Jesus Wear A Rolex?

Would Jesus Wear A Rolex By Ray Stevens Lyrics Woke up this mornin’, turned on the t.v. set.there in livin’ color, was somethin’ I can’t forget.This man was preachin’ at me, yeah, layin’ on the charmaskin’ me for twenty, with ten-thousand… Continue Reading →

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