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I used to have a fundamentalist mindset. I remember doing exercises where the only answer I could give to questions were bible verses. The one who could do this the longest won. Me. I won. It is based on Jesus being tempted in the

Interview with Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong

Who is Dave Armstrong? Catholic, Catholic apologist, author, family man, and fun-loving guy! What were your experiences as a Campus missionary? I shared the gospel (as an evangelical Protestant) and tried to demonstrate that Christianity was compatible with reason. I didn’t seem to accomplish

Interview with Josephine Amoako

Can you introduce yourself? I am Josephine Amoako, a final year student at the University of Ghana, a blogger and an aspiring scriptwriter. Who is God to you? God is my everything – the sole reason for my existence; He’s my friend, my protector,

God has given us brains to think for ourselves

God has given us brains to think for ourselves. We do not need Help to understand Scripture. God had given men brains before He came to teach them Himself, and He came to teach them precisely because their brains could not succeed in finding

Would Jesus Wear A Rolex?

Would Jesus Wear A Rolex By Ray Stevens Lyrics Woke up this mornin’, turned on the t.v. set.there in livin’ color, was somethin’ I can’t forget.This man was preachin’ at me, yeah, layin’ on the charmaskin’ me for twenty, with ten-thousand on his arm.He wore