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The Aknac Hotel in Accra, Ghana

Located away from the hustle and bustle of Accra’s city centre, The Aknac hotel is your luxury hideout in the metropolis. Placed conveniently in the quiet area surrounding the affluent Trasacco valley, our hotel...

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Ghanaian names

Traditional names in Ghana vary by ethnic group. There are many ethnic groups in the West African nation of Ghana. Most of them base the first names they give to their newly born children...

Efua Sutherland

Efua Sutherland

Efua Theodora Sutherland (June 27, 1924 – January 2, 1996) was a Ghanaian playwright, children’s author, and dramatist. Her best-known works include Foriwa (1962), Edufa (1967), and The Marriage of Anansewa (1975). She was...

Ghana flag

Ghana National Anthem

God bless our homeland Ghana, And make our nation great and strong, Bold to defend for ever The cause of Freedom and of Right. Fill our hearts with true humility Make us cherish fearless...

Independence Square, Accra, Ghana

Languages of Ghana

English is the Official Language of Ghana. GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED LANGUAGES 1. AKAN (Ashanti, Fante, Akuapem, Akyem, Kwahu) (Written Twi) 2. DAGAARE / WAALE Spoken in Upper Western Region (UWR) 3. DANGBE Spoken in Greater Accra.(G/A)...


Interested in: Men and women

A lot of us join The Facebook now Facebook to network and make friends. Most of us don’t have the Western mentality because we are not from the West anyway. Our cultures are diverse....

Josephine Amoako

Interview with Josephine Amoako

Can you introduce yourself? I am Josephine Amoako, a final year student at the University of Ghana, a blogger and an aspiring scriptwriter. Who is God to you? God is my everything – the...

funny Ghanaian Police - funny pics

Funny Ghanaian Police

Some where in Ghana, West Africa. . . The most wasted of all days is that in which we have not laughed. ~Nicolas Chamfort

Ghana Palaver newspaper Prophet Peter Anamoh

Doomsday Prophet Peter Anamoh

Prophet Peter Anamoh in a rejoinder to the Ghana Palaver responded to the newspaper’s previous article about him some months earlier saying, “To begin with, I never said anywhere that people should pay ¢5M as heaven’s gate...


Ghana Gays and Ghana Lesbians

I am wondering if this is the picture that UK Prime Minister David Cameron wants Ghana to be used to. Hmm. How would you call gay couples? Daddy mum and Daddy dad or Adam...