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Rape Quotes and Comments

The rape of noblewoman Lucretia  There is a saying in Africa that goes like this, “The ax forgets, the tree remembers.” This is true about rape too. What is rape?  Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, which is initiated

Woman do you lust after Men?

  The Flirt (1904) by Eugene de Blaas For many years I had the opinion that it was only men who could lust after women. I was certain that it was somehow impossible for women to lust after men or much more to lust

Tough Questions a Woman Can Ask a Man

The funniest, sincere and thought-provoking questions any woman can ask a man to put their relationship on fire. The 5 Toughest Questions a Woman Can Ask a Man The questions are: What are you thinking about? Do you love me? Do I look fat?

The Five Senses and The Sexual Revolution

 Photo Credit Over the centuries there has been a gradual shift of how we interact willingly or unwillingly with everything around us. We were all taught about the five senses and we’ve learned how to use them in our daily activities. By the five