Statues of the Virgin Mary Are Surviving Disasters Unscratched, and Nobody Knows Why

Hurricane Harvey sparks a fire that destroys a home, but a statue of the Virgin Mary survives. A month later, a massive quake rocks Mexico City, flattening buildings. A church collapses, but inexplicably, a statue of the Virgin Mary survives without a scratch. And these are simply two cases of the same miracle happening all over. But why?

Most people are quick to point out an obvious problem with these stories. Homes are destroyed and lives are being lost, so who cares about a statue? After all, these are just statues. Any sane person would sacrifice a statue to save a home or a life.

But there’s a pattern here, and it’s a pattern associated with Our Lady. Certainly there is a message here.

Our Lady of Breezy Point survived Hurricane Sandy.

Indeed, there is. One of the most common depictions of the Virgin Mary is her standing on a snake. Our Lady of Guadalupe stands on a crescent moon, a symbol of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god of the Aztecs. In both cases, the meaning is the same: Our Lady triumphs over evil, sin and death, thanks to her son, Jesus Christ.

Likewise, when a statue of the Virgin Mary survives unscathed, the meaning is obvious to any believer. Our Lady, and our faith, triumphs over any disaster, misfortune, or evil. Even if we lose our lives on earth, the souls of the faithful live forever in perfect communion with God!

A fire at a military base in Spain, did not dare burn this statue or the space around it.

So the miracles are there to remind us in our darkest moments that God still reigns. Our Lady still intercedes for us. The promises of Christ remain. The Bible is filled with stories of disaster. Disasters befell the Israelites. Even Jesus, and his apostles suffered. The martyrs suffered. We suffer. But with God, we also triumph.

So the atheists can sneer, and the cynics can roll their eyes, but those of us who are paying attention understand the message in these miracles. God is with us, now and forever, and will never abandon us. Even in our darkest moments, Our Lady hears our cries, and intercedes for us.

This statue survived Hurricane Harvey after an electrical fire wiped out several homes.

Even amid disaster, our faith is not in vain!

A second statue of the Virgin Mary inexplicably survived Hurricane Harvey and a subsequent fire causing many to notice a pattern.

An earthquake in Ecuador collapsed a church, but did not touch this statue either.

This statue survived the massive quake in Mexico, despite the collapse of the church all around it.

Credit: Catholic Online