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Explanation of the Hail Mary

Catholic Idol Worship?

  My uncle who is not a Catholic asked these questions on a Facebook group that I run after seeing the above photo. Was this statue of Jesus made out of Cement? Can it be called idol worshipping? If yes,… Continue Reading →

Why Roman Catholic Traditions?

Why does the Catholic Church base some of her doctrines on tradition instead of basing them all on the Bible?  Did Christ not tell the Pharisees that in holding to tradition they were transgressing the commandment of God?  (Matt. 15:3,… Continue Reading →

Do Catholics Earn their Salvation?

Why do Catholics try to earn their own salvation, despite the fact that salvation can only come as a free gift from Jesus Christ?  Catholics fully recognize that Jesus Christ died on the Cross for their sins and thus “opened… Continue Reading →

Is Good Works Necessary for Salvation?

Why do Catholics believe that good works are necessary for salvation!  Does not Paul say in Romans 3:28 that faith alone justifies!  Catholics believe that faith and good works are both necessary for salvation, because such is the teaching of… Continue Reading →

Are You among the Enemies of Christ?

Jesus Christ established only one Church. He said, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church.” Notice He does not say Churches. He said, “There shall be made one fold and one shepherd.”  In His prayer… Continue Reading →

On Gamaliel And The One True Church

When the Apostles first began publicly to preach the religion of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, great indignation was stirred up among the Jews that rejected Christ. The Apostles were arrested and brought before the High Priest of the Temple for… Continue Reading →

Is the Catholic Church against the Bible?

Was not the Bible unknown to the people before the Reformation? No. Beautifully illuminated copies of the Scriptures, wrought by the Monks, were in the charge of the Clergy and the Churches, and from these the Word of God was… Continue Reading →

Catholic idea of the Church

What is the Catholic idea of the Church? The Church is that visible society of men upon earth which was founded by Jesus Christ, guaranteed by Him to exist all days until the end of the world, and sent by… Continue Reading →

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