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Nzema Proverbs - Ghana

Nzema Proverbs – Ghana

Nzema Proverb: Baka koye engola engakyi ehoayele. Translation: One tree cannot be a forest. Meaning: It takes two or more people to do a piece of work well. Nzema Proverb: Toonwo engo toonwo. Translation:...

Akan Proverbs - Ghana

Akan Proverbs – Ghana

Proverbs (ebe) are the main ingredients in the Akan language. Akan proverb: Obi Nkyere Abofra Nyame. (No one points out God to a child.) Meaning:The omnipotence of God; the existence of God is not...

Sisala Proverbs - Ghana

Sisala Proverbs – Ghana

Sisala Proverb: Tel dintel ninga gbele. Translation: When I fall and you fall, it is fair play. Meaning: All must help to maintain a healthy relationship. Sisala Proverb: Keng di mi kong kiase gbanga....

Saadi Shirazi quotes

Saadi Quotes and Sayings

A little and a little, collected together, becomes a great deal; the heap in the barn consists of single grains, and drop and drop make the inundation. ~Saadi A man is insensible to the...

Wisdom quotes

Wisdom Quotes and Sayings

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing. ~Socrates (Plato’s Apology) Anyone can become angry–that is easy. But to be angry with the right...

words quotes

Words Quotes and Sayings

Be careful of the words you say, Keep them short and sweet. You never know, from day to day, Which ones you’ll have to eat. ~Anonymous Good words are worth much, and cost little....

Work quotes

Work Quotes and Sayings

All work is empty save when there is love. And when you work with love, you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to God. ~Kahlil Gibran At the end of the...

This IS my Body Jesus Christ

This is My Body

Since Christ Himself has said, “This is My Body” who shall dare to doubt that It is His Body? ~St. Cyril of Jerusalem