True Testimony About the Holy Communion

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A Non Catholic about the Holy Communion

On Thursday, 19th May 2009, during my national service year in Afienya Youth Leadership Training Institute in the Greater Accra Region, a guardian of one of my students who is a twin came with her ward just to thank me for the good work I was doing. No sooner had they arrived than the woman started saying all kinds of positive things about the Catholic Church. I was forced to ask her whether she was a Catholic and she said ‘no’. I further asked whether she was once a Catholic and she said “no”. I further asked her for the reasons why she was saying all kinds of good things about the Catholic Church.

She narrated an interesting story to me that when she was a youth, she used to attend some of the celebrations of the Catholics, especially Corpus Christi celebration. When the Catholics knelt down, she would also do so. One day, there was a grand confirmation at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Ho, and she also went as usual. When it was time to receive Holy Communion, she joined the line to receive it. She told herself that ‘she would see what these Catholics have been receiving always.’

She received the Communion in her palm alright but instead of putting it on her tongue; she held it tightly in her fist and run to the house with it. She got to her parents who were sitting in the hall, opened her palm to show them the communion, but to her utter disbelief her palm was full of blood. Her mother saw the blood and questioned her about it and she narrated the story to them. To their disbelief, her father did not see any blood. Her mother, shouted at her to go back to the one who gave her the Communion to reverse it because she did not want any curse in her house. Seeing the blood in her palm, she started screaming and running towards Sacred Heart Cathedral for help.

She got to the entrance of the church, and the ushers and knights stopped her and questioned her; and still screaming, she narrated the story to them. Some of them saw the blood alright, but some did not. She was taken to the altar and the priest asked one of the Mass servers to bring the thurible for incensation but it fell from his hand. She claimed that the Mass server was unholy that was why the thurible fell from his hands. I explained to her that it was because of fear of Holy Communion turning into blood.

At the altar holy water was sprinkled on her palm and her hand was prayed over by the priest. The blood in her palm turned into Holy Communion again so the priest removed the Holy Communion and placed it on his own tongue, washed her hands with water again and blessed her. She went straight to the house. Since that day she believed everything about the Catholic Church. “The Bread and Wine are the true Body and Blood of Jesus Christ” she said.

This occurred in Ghana, West Africa. Taken from the book by Rev. Sr. Sarah Akom, SMMC, entitled Wonders of the Eucharist, pages 70-72.