August 18, 2019

Do anti-Catholics truly understand what the Catholic Church teaches?

This is a beautiful testimony of a South African evangelist about the Catholic Church.

I am a South African, born and raised in Cape Town. My place of employment gave me the opportunity to travel through every city in South Africa (SA) on business, and by doing so I made use of every given opportunity to testify of the religion to which I belonged; the New Apostolic Church (NAC) – a religion I loved with my life. So it goes without saying that I know the country of my birth pretty well.

While being an active minister of the NAC, I was told and guided in a supernatural way to immigrate to China, and in 2005 to this day I’ve been on an Asian mission – Evangelizing in China and the Philippines. I am now a member of the Catholic Church and continue proclaiming Christ’s Doctrine, His death and professing His resurrection until he comes again.
What I find interesting is; that whenever people from Asia ask me; “Where do you come from?” Then I respond with; “I’m from South Africa,” and immediately their expression change, and the next remark would be; “Why are you not black?” I often hear the phrase; “But I thought….” quite often; some would accept what I tell them about my country, but with a pinch of doubt, and some would try to argue.

Surprisingly a few of these people who never set foot in South Africa would try to teach me – a South African citizen – what goes on in a country where I was born and raised. However; I’ve met a very few Asians who visited South Africa – mainly on business – and returned to Asia with a complete different mind-set as what they entered SA. They’ve come face to face with reality while 90% of Asians hold on to deceptive and distorted images and information of what they believe South Africa is all about.
I am Catholic, and the point I want to make is that Protestants who never set foot in the Catholic Church, nor studied the Catechism of the Catholic Church has the audacity to claim that they know what the church teaches. A Protestant who claims he/she knows what the RCC teaches is likened unto a man who says he knows what it’s like to give birth – how foolish.
Their information is not from a Catholic source, but from distorted information, altered grammar versions, and deceptive media posts, and they hold onto that mind-set.

For sixty years I’ve been a Protestant and served in the ministry for forty one years. During that time I wouldn’t hesitate to prove a Catholic wrong at any given opportunity… until I came face to face with reality in a supernatural way which caused me to study Catholicism for a number of years before converting. I do admit now that I was ignorant concerning the Catholic Faith and what they believe.

I am amazed at the hidden truths of Catholicism which was kept from me for sixty years, and is still being kept from millions upon millions more. After my conversion and understanding the hidden facts in Scripture it is now my mission to reveal these Biblical truths the way it must be understood.

The right thing to do if you have a heart problem is to consult a Cardiologist, and not a dentist. Therefore, it is only fair to consult a Catholic Apologist, Catholic Theologian, or a Catholic Priest for any information you need concerning Catholicism from a Catholic source before condemning and persecuting its leaders and members.

I have first-hand experience concerning this matter. So, the answer to the above question is a resounding ‘NO’, anti-Catholics don’t know what the RCC teaches. If they insist that Catholics are not Christians, Pagan worshipers and idolaters etc.; then their information about the RCC is from a demonic source.

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