Simple Ways to Make a Post Go Viral on Facebook

When you are making decisions about what you are going to publish to Facebook, it is smart to take some time and think about what makes people share. Make sure that you are involved on social media to get a better idea of what you like to see, and what types of things are shared. With so much competition, you want to have a higher number of likes and comments on Facebook so your posts can spread.

You might not go viral for every post, but you have a decent chance of getting a few shares and likes. There are millions of people, and you want to reach as many as possible with one post that goes totally viral. The more interesting things you publish, the more likes and comments you get over time, and ultimately, the more engagement every post you make attracts.

Chances are very good that if your audience shares the same type of content again and again, it is very likely they will share this kind of content if you publish it on your blog. Most authors seek out others who are creating the same kind of content, then they will share one anothers posts.

This is how content becomes popular, a creator knows what his audience wants to see, delivers in a way that makes readers want to share with others. Their content succeeds because users relate to and relate to it, and feel like the people in their own networks will relate too. The reason why long-form content is a hit when it comes to sharing on social media is that people want to learn, they want details.

This could be informally, where you share content from another blog or social media account, hoping that they return the favour. Then, you share from Facebook Pages to your own profiles, so that you involve friends — whenever that is appropriate. All shares are linked back to their original source, so start with posts to your fan page for the most exposure.

Sharing posts on Facebook increases organic reach, giving you the best chance to gain more Facebook Likes. Understanding Facebooks algorithms is crucial for increasing organic reach – in other words, getting your Page and posts in front of more people who can potentially like you.

You will also be able to determine which posts are getting the most reach and average engagement, and use this information to produce more of the type of content that your target audience wants from you on Facebook. You can also look at other influencers or businesses posting patterns to get an idea of what types of content they are posting, what went viral, and how you can adjust your posts the same way.

One study found that posts that featured an image or images received over double the number of shares on Facebook and Twitter compared to posts that did not include an image. Buzzsumo conducted a study on more than 100 million blog posts, in which they looked at how many social shares each post received, and found some similarities among the most-shared content. When it came to sharing on Facebook, posts linking to articles that were 2,000-2,500 words in length received 15% more shares than shorter or longer articles.

People are not going to share a post on Facebook if the content is lacking somehow, especially when there are plenty of other posts that could be shared and liked. You may even want to more often share the top posts people like, as well as occasionally share a CTA page designed to convert people into converting on the Offer-Email Subscription, Sale, or any other Offer-Email Subscription.

One marketing campaign used user-generated content, having people make fun memes which were shared across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These images were quite popular on places like Pinterest and Facebook because it showed things that people had not seen before — and that is why people shared these photos.

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