What Makes TikTok So Popular?

TikTok is a popular social media app which allows users to create, view, and share 15-second videos shot with their phones. TikTok has a few basic features, which enable users to follow each other, as well as like and share each others videos. In addition to sharing their videos inside TikTok, TikTok users can share videos to other social media platforms using the Social Share buttons.

It is pretty obvious that TikTok has a video upload function, which allows users to upload their videos into the app. TikTok has many ways to make users videos even funnier, like, options for shooting at slow-mo, time-lapse, fast-forward, filters, effects, and even playing the song backwards, among others. The app uses machine learning to present a customized feed known as For You, which is different for each user.

To identify your interests, TikTok painstakingly tracks what types of videos you engage with most. Before a user signs up for a TikTok account, he or she may view a few popular videos in order to better understand the app. Every user can also record their own videos on TikTok, as well as select a song from an extensive library to lip-sync to or dance to. While users can see the same content shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – TikTok stands out as the place to find something new.

While other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have all had at least a few similarities (for instance, the other social media platforms are built around connecting people, not optimizing content), TikTok stands out in an impressive way. Most other social media platforms that work with text, videos, and photos are roughly evenly represented, whereas TikToks content is entirely focused around videos. The sound of the combining users personal videos represents a new way of categorizing and browsing social, and is a unique TikTok feature. Every day, thousands of people are sharing TikTok videos in their Instagram Stories, which plays an important role in the TikTok use/upload rates, because of TikToks existing high userbase.

People are looking for various outlets and options to express themselves and communicate with others over social media, and TikTok makes this easier. Almost anything can be trending on TikTok: the kind of content you share (like behind-the-scenes videos), certain features on TikTok (like Duos and Stitch), hashtags (like #GuacDance), specific sounds, effects, or challenges. Another important reason TikTok is so dominant is because trends are prevalent, like dancing challenges to a popular song or videos that fit into a popular in-app filter. TikTokers have also used TikTok to make unique challenges, such as dancing challenges, that have frequently been global trends.

TikTok users are able to produce various videos, from challenges, dancing videos, magical tricks, and fun videos. TikTok is a video-creation app for videos that are 15 seconds long or shorter, where users chant, dance, perform, or meme in front of pre-recorded sound clips or songs. TikTok is used by youths as an outlet for expression via singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-synching, and allows users to make videos and share them within a community. TikTok also allows users to browse videos and songs, and view dance moves and get inspiration.

In September, TikTok added the Reactions feature, allowing users to record reactions to videos and share them. TikTok is based on the same concept of short-form videos, but is far more expansive and, unlike Musical.ly, does not only focus on lip-syncing to music. The sound is consistent throughout this TikTok group, but each user provides a unique video of them performing the dance.

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