Dagbani Proverbs – Ghana

Dagbani Proverb: Tin yi woga, tin mbe di tooni.
Translation: If a town is far, there is another farther away.
Meaning: You might think you are the only one who has got the most difficult problem. Someone else has a more difficult problem than yours.

Dagbani Proverb: Nubil yimi ku pii kugli.
Translation: One finger cannot pick a stone.
Meaning: When two or more people do a piece of work together, it is much easier.

Dagbani Proverb: Nan barizi ni tin tula.
Translation: A person who rides a bicycle or horse does not know that the ground is hot.
Meaning: If all goes well with you in life, do not think it is the same with everybody.

Dagbani Proverb: Nuni nyeri o dini.
Translation: Who sees his own?
Meaning: People do not usually talk about their own problems. They rather talk about those of others.

Dagbani Proverb: Kpaai bahi bi vari zaa.
Translation: Don’t cry over spilt milk.
Meaning: Do not worry so much about problems. Rather think of how best you can solve them.

Dagbani Proverb: Sunulo vela di malibu nto.
Translation: Patience is good, but hard to practice.
Meaning: Good things are achieved through hard work.

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