Nzema Proverbs – Ghana

Nzema Proverb: Baka koye engola engakyi ehoayele.
Translation: One tree cannot be a forest.
Meaning: It takes two or more people to do a piece of work well.

Nzema Proverb: Toonwo engo toonwo.
Translation: No condition is permanent.
Meaning: Do not show off because of your position.

Nzema Proverb: Saa wo akole tunli nu bo a wo edea o.
Translation: If the inside of your chicken coop smells, it is yours.
Meaning: Take good care of whatever is yours.

Nzema Proverb: Nyamenle a kposa akole alee a.
Translation: It is God who chews the food for the cock.
Meaning: God provides for all His creatures.

Nzema Proverb: Nohale le ayile.
Translation: Truth is a cure.
Meaning: Learn to tell the truth. It will make you free.

Nzema Proverb: Menlidoonwo zo Nyamenle a be kome embu.
Translation: If a lot of people are carrying God, there is no tiredness.
Meaning: Unity is strength.

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