Sisala Proverbs – Ghana

Sisala Proverb: Tel dintel ninga gbele.
Translation: When I fall and you fall, it is fair play.
Meaning: All must help to maintain a healthy relationship.

Sisala Proverb: Keng di mi kong kiase gbanga.
Translation: If you hold and I hold too tightly, it will break the calabash.
Meaning: Learn to exercise patience.

Sisala Proverb: Loriming ni bula jung dong a lo jiming sipang na bi gbele nga.
Translation: The cockroach said, “To throw your friend before a hen is no joke.”
Meaning: Do not expose your friend to danger.

Sisala Proverb: Summo bi nandong kene.
Translation: A poor person has no friends.
Meaning: If you are poor, people do not have any respect for you.

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